Better overview, better insight


How much CO2 does the company's total fleet emit? What were the company's fuel costs last year? Or just today? Are there any major discrepancies in fuel consumption or odometer reading?

The better overview you have, the better insight you get into how your company and each employee performs. That's why we've developed a reporting system that can quickly provide you with a comprehensive overview and a here-and-now status.



Get an overview of the big picture

Fleet Managers need to keep track of the development of their company's fleet and the driving habits of employees. Are you heading towards a more environmentally-friendly fleet? Do you come to comply with the standards set for the company's environmental impact? Is your fleet emitting too much CO2? Not getting enough kilometres per litre? Do you spend too much money on variable overheads? Or even on damage?
With Autolease's reporting system, you can continually monitor the company's fleet and consumption. You will find all relevant data in the easy-to-navigate dashboard.



Get into the detail

If you need a more detailed analysis, you can follow each employee and each individual vehicle. For example, you can see who varies most in terms of fuel consumption and odometer reading. Who has the best environmental scores. Or who has the most damage. Just to mention some of the options you have for getting down into the details.



Design your own report

Our reporting system lets you not only choose from a number of standard reports. You can also design your own report featuring the figures and data you need.
If you need an extract from the report in an Excel sheet, you can have the system extract the data automatically and sent to you, for example, once a month. This also means you can set the system to automatically send a tax report to the payroll office to avoid getting involved, for instance.



Up to date 24 hours a day

With Autolease's reporting System, all figures are available 24 hours a day. So you can also access the key figures late at night if you need to.



Watch the demo

In our demo video you can see how you can get an overview of your company's fleet. You can find the video guide at ‘My Autolease'.



We are different

Autolease is not like other leasing companies. We use technology to make leasing smarter. For example, we’ve developed a user-friendly online platform that makes it easy and transparent to manage a fleet.