Easy Administration


A company is like an organic body in constant change. New employees join, others leave. Some are promoted, others change departments. New units are formed and others disbanded. These are all things that influence fleet composition.



No more cumbersome administrative hassles

Normally, Fleet Managers have to contact the leasing company every time a new user takes over a vehicle. The leasing company has to make the changes in their system and you then have to verify that they have done so correctly. Autolease's adminstration system lets you do it all yourself in minutes.



You are in control

With Autolease's online administration system, you are the one in control. You can set up and move employees yourself. You can easily transfer a vehicle from one employee to another. You can transfer vehicles between branches, and even set up a new cost centre. All in a few minutes and without having to involve Autolease in the process. Not only does that give you a fantastic overview of the fleet. It also gives you freedom of action and frees you from a lot of cumbersome and time-consuming administration work.



It's pretty easy. See for yourself

We have created a demo video that shows how easy it is to administer the company's fleet policy into our online administration system. You can see it under ‘My Autolease'.



We are different

Autolease believes in technology. In fact, we were born in the digital age and use it to develop smart, user-friendly solutions. For instance, we have developed a unique online platform that makes life easier, more flexible and transparent for both employees and the Fleet Manager.