Order your company vehicle from home or on the go


Why surf the web to find your company car? Why do you have to go through the Fleet Manager or leasing company to find out if you can afford a vehicle with 150 hp or 180 hp? Or if you can afford a tow bar and LED lights? Can it be done smarter?

The answer is yes!



Autolease has collected brands and equipment variants in our online configurator. You can draw inspiration here from a multitude of vehicles and compare brands and models. The advanced and intuitive search function makes it simple to find just the right vehicle for you. Even if you don't know in advance which make you want. For example, you can choose a station car with diesel engine and automatic transmission for max. DKK 350,000 in taxation to give you a complete overview of all those that meet your search criteria.



Customise your vehicle

Once you've found your next company car, configure it by adding and deselecting accessories from the equipment list – and you can immediately see the effect on taxation and TCO. This allows you to easily juggle the different options before you decide.



Choose at your convenience

If your company has a vehicle policy, we make sure that you can only choose from those models that your requirements. Once you have chosen, you can buy with confidence, knowing that it meets all the requirements of your business. The Fleet Manager or a leasing company do not even have to be involved. You can manage it all yourself. You gain the freedom to choose at your own convenience. For example, on Sunday afternoon just after a test run at the dealer.



We are with you all the way

If you have any questions such as on delivery times etc., call or use the Chat function - we are always on hand within normal business hours.



Make life easier for the Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager will find their lives are easier without time-consuming requests from employees, checking offers, recalculation of quotes and contact with the leasing company at any time of the day. Autoloease makes the whole process automatic and with the minimum of error. It frees up time and resources for other and more constructive tasks.



We are different

Autolease is not like other leasing companies. We were born in the digital age and use technology to make leasing smarter. For example, we have created a state-of-the-art online platform that sets completely new standards for how simple it is to search, configure and order company vehicles.