Our partnership with Athlon gives you the best local expertise internationally


Autolease administrates more than 40,000 cars, and we continue to constantly renew our fleet. We help our customers to stay ahead by making sure that we ourselves are one step ahead. We use our knowledge, customer insight, technology and innovative power to improve the daily lives of our customers.

Autolease is a part of DNB, the largest financial services group in Norway with a dominant position in all business areas. Our vision is to create value for our customers, owners, employees and the society. That is why we do not only offer the easy solution – we offer the best solution as well. We wish to create both short-term and long-term value. Our purpose is to make your everyday life easier. We are here. So you can stay ahead.


Online and simple administration

As the only leasing and Fleet Management company we offer a complete online solution that reduces the administrative tasks. We are born in the digital world and use the technology to make leasing easy and efficient. That is why you can get access to reports, order and administrate your cars, and you have an overview of the economic activities regarding the fleet. As an Autolease customer you get a partner who is always there for you. A partner who makes sure that your cars always have the lowest costs as possible. It is our ambition to make it easy for you to be a customer at Autolease.


International partnership with Athlon

International Fleet Management can be complicated and challenging. In times with global changes, changes in consumption patterns and explosive development within mobility, simple and effective solutions are needed.

Autolease delivers innovative, sustainable and cost efficient solutions in Denmark and Norway, and through our partnership with Athlon we offer solutions in additional 21 countries.

Athlon is a big player that offers even more than global expertise with experience in international Fleet Management and mobility services, local presence and our partner network. We understand your needs in 124 languages and 2342 dialects.


We put together a dedicated team to fulfil your needs

Autolease will assign a dedicated team who will know you as a customer and know your needs. The team will consist of experienced advisors who are responsible for the daily follow-up of the customer relationship and car usage. To facilitate the best possible cooperation, we always conduct a start-up meeting involving key people in your organization and your dedicated team. Here we co-create the best plan for you as a customer.


Every kilometre counts, and that is why we go green

One of today’s biggest challenges is the climate changes. That is why we do what we can to create the best prerequisites for driving environmentally friendly. We advise our customers and make demands of our suppliers in order to make sure that they follow the high standards. As part of DNB we find it completely natural to invest in green alternatives. We want to increase a sustainable development in the areas and industries we operate in. We frequently report about our results on areas of responsibility, and we are open about our internal processes and policies.  


Take control of fleet policy

What is your budget? Is there room for tow bars in the budget? Or leather interiors? How much CO2 can the vehicle emit according to company policy? Your company has probably set out clear guidelines for the company car that you can choose. Autolease makes it easy and simple to put policy into practice for the Fleet Manager and individual employees.

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Easy Administration

A company is like an organic body in constant change. New employees join, others leave. Some are promoted, others change departments. New units are formed and others disbanded. These are all things that influence fleet composition.

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Order your company car from home or on the go

Why surf the web to find a company car? Why do you have to go through the Fleet Manager or leasing company to find out if you can afford a vehicle with 150 hp or 180 hp? Or if you can afford a tow bar and LED lights? Can it be done smarter?

The answer is yes!

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The better the overview, the better the insight

How much CO2 does the company's total fleet emit? What were the company's fuel costs last year? Or just today? Are there any major discrepancies in fuel consumption or odometer reading?

The better overview you have, the better insight you get into how your company and each employee performs. That is why we have developed a reporting system that can quickly provide you with a comprehensive overview and a here-and-now status.

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We are with you all the way

Leasing a company car can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. For example, if a user has a question a new company car, it is necessary to contact the Fleet Manager, who will need to contact the leasing company. Before the person will get a final answer, a few days can easily have passed.

Autolease solves this exact problem. We have digitised and simplified the process to make leasing transparent, efficient and easily accessible both for the employee and for the Fleet Manager.